Maths Intensive Class

Details about the class are as follows. Any further inquiries, contact our admin at here (WhatsApp).

Topics covered for Maths Intensive Class


  1. Identify like and unlike terms
  2. Expanding terms
  3. Simplify expression
  4. Rearrangement of subject
  5. Factorization (4 types)
  6. Simplification of algebraic fraction
  7. Solving linear equation
  8. Solving quadratic Equation
  9. Solving algebraic fraction
  10. Solving word problem involving algebra


  1. Translation
  2. Reflection
  3. Enlargement
  4. Rotation
Class fee

Early bird: RM349
Normal Price: RM399

Class schedule

Class will be started from 20 December 2021 (Mon) as the first slot in the morning. The next slot schedule as stated in the picture below.

Bonus on this class, you will get..
  • Discount of RM50 for early bird
  • Free Scienctific calculator- 570es-plus

So don’t wait anymore. Book now while slot still available. To register, click the form here (JotForm).

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