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Welcome to your one-stop IGCSE tuition centre for top quality tutoring and classes that you can trust. 

Tuition Pro Academy Tuition Centre kicked off in 2018 as a IGCSE specialist tutorial centre, running small sized classes for IGCSE/O in Shah Alam, Selangor

tuition igcse shah alam
Students since 2018
Parents since 2018

Why Tuition Pro?

tuition igcse shah alam

Max 15 students per classes

To enable students to focus and get the best benefit in class. Teachers can also identify students' weaknesses in more depth

tuition igcse shah alam

Latest Syllabus IGCSE

We offer the latest IGCSE syllabus based on the international syllabus with experienced teachers teaching in IGCSE subjects

tuition igcse shah alam

Experience Teacher

Our teachers are experienced in teaching and specially trained to understand the requirements of the IGCSE syllabus and exams

Interactive Class

We offer interactive class for your child to join us

What They Said About Us?

“Honestly Tuition PRO memang helps me a lot! topic2 mana saya confuse or saya rasa saya dah fhm, bila masuk tuition tc, saya mind-blown hahaha sbb saya understand clearly of what the tc is teaching. Saya tak regret join Tuition PRO tc 😅 mmg bagus! 👍🏼”
Subang Jaya
“Assalamualaikum Tc Sri. We as parents of fadzlina would like to express our greatest gratitute for ur excellent effort in helping lina all this while. Jazakillahu khairan kathira lina dpt A for her maths ❤ only Allah can repay ur kindness”
Pn. Faznita
Seksyen U11, Shah Alam
“Assalamualaikum Tc Sri. Saya nak bagitau Tc result maths saya. Saya dapat A. Saya nak berterima kasih sangat2 kepada Tc sebab ajar saya elok2🥺🥺”
tuition igcse shah alam
Shah Alam
"Tuition PRO provide very talented and knowledgeable teacher such as teacher Sridahlina. She is very helpful and kind. The way she explain make me easy to understand the topic easily and clearly. I'm highly recommended for those parent who are still looking for the best place to send their children for tuition. Thank you."
Nor Rasyidah Binti Zulhaimi
Google review: 5/5
"Experienced in IGCSE and dedicated tutors. Convenient classes for student. Helpful tutors and proven result of student improvment in their exam. Used latest lesson materials. Fun and practical activities in classes! Price is reasonable."
Google review: 5/5
"One of the best tuition centre in shah alam, suitable for muslim and non muslim students. Cara guru mengajar disini sangat berpuas hati and no regrets. Saya berharap tuition pro dpt berkembang lebih lagi dan tidak putus asa utk mengajar."
Adam Shah
Google review: 5/5

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